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two questions to Strelets-R

dear Strelets-R, as I had praised for significant improvements in your new masters and then in the finished product, I applaud for the choices you have made in producing the new sets. I have 2 questions that speak to you of the Strelets-R: 1) than what you have produced at the beginning of your career, you have a plan for renewal of the figures? Let me explain: use as an example of the Crimean War Russian troops ... than your new and very good standards, infantry/granadiers are a bit ugly ... you think a day to update them with a mini-set? 2) will set about the Gurkhas and the French Foreign Legion for WWII? Thank you for your attention ... my compliments again for your development as a quality.

Re: two questions to Strelets-R

Dear marco zapppa,

1. no, we don't have such plans (apart from the new series for Hastings and Stamford Bridge). We thought about new sets for the Crimean war, more suitable for big formations, but have doubts about their commercial prospects.
2. no.

Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: two questions to Strelets-R

many thanks to You!