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Re: New ACW? Question For Strelets, Please

Quote: Strelets
Dear GarrisonClay,

to be quite honest, there's nothing wrong with the existing ACW sets in terms of their manufacturing standards - all seem quite good as they are.
We shall test our slightly different approach to this subject by going through various consecutive stages of a battle and see how successful it's going to be. "Squeeze all in one set" approach has been tested by other manufacturers already and we can hardly add anything new to that.

Best regards,


Dearest Strelets,

In a nutshell, there is plenty wrong with the existing ACW sets. Unrealistic poses bordering on dancers with oversizd heads (Esci and Italeri); Out of scale details such as back-packs and worse poses. Your new 2 military miniature Masters details and authenticity are far above any standards existing by Accurate, Imex, Airfix, ACTA, et als. I have spent the past year collecting the best of the best existing figures and only a few Accurate poses are descent, Imex are way too strange and ACTA are only good because they pantographed down the old "Hearald ACW" poses. And so disappointing, the Imex boxes all come with multiple broken parts because the plastic is so brittle.

I'm putting my money on you. None other companies have made decently realistic poses, actually ever. You are right - "All in one" is not the answer and because of your new great strategy, I'll be saving my "Milk Money" for you.

With all due respect, don't be so humble. You are now in the lead with new ACW poses so please go for it and don't be shy!

Yours faithfully - GC

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