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Re: New ACW? Question For Strelets, Please

Quote: Alan Buckingham
Quote: GarrisonClay

... Although I'm not all that superstitious, do you think there is any chance I can believe it?
I expect the buying public will decide if future ACW sets will be made, if this on sells well then the signs are good, if like many ACW sets of the past it does not, then the chances are slim. So buy a few boxes once they are available, I will be in the hope that one day a good set of a Confederate firing line will be made.

If Strelets Confederate General Staff and Union General Staff sets are any indication, plus War Gamer's insatiable appetites for marching figures, these new ones should fly off the shelves and sell out too.

Here's to hoping both the ACW and Napoleonic marching sets do sell out and we soon see action sets as a follow-up.

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