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The best

In my opinion strelets are now the no 1 plastic soldier company on the market . Enough volume to keep everybody interested , no waiting years for sets to appear . Ever increasing quality covering subjects not produced by anyone else . Cheers Alex

Re: The best

...And they listen to their customers!

Paul K.

Re: The best

I've always had a soft spot for Strelets even when their sculpting was a bit lacking - it's always been the case that a lick of paint transformed figures and one of my favourite figures ever is the squat viking in a full mail shirt with a Dane axe in the Vikings against Franks set - but they really are up there among the top manufacturers now both in terms of quality and innovation. Although, I am also very fond of Redbox, another manufacturer that started off with figures of dubious quality (although always very innovative in their subject matter) but have massively improved their quality whilst maintaining their commitment to innovation and really comprehensive coverage of a period. Still a golden age as far as I am concerned.

Re: The best

The best is a subjective and hard to measure without specific criteria , but as already said, the most productive currently, definitely listening to the customers, clearly improving in quality , and hard to fault presently and that is all good in my book