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Re: No of figures

Dear Strelets

I have read your post detailing figure contents for the Highlanders on the March set. Thank you for providing the quantity numbers for the figures, if only one piper is included I would prefer the piper who has both hands on his bagpipes raising the spirits of the men playing a tune for the march.
Please may I request for you to include the sergeant with a spontoon in the set. The sergeant fits in very well with the Highlander marching unit as shown in the images in the link kindly provided by Brian.
For me the sergeant is one of the key figures that would make the set complete as a whole. The exclusion of this figure would make the command group incomplete.
While I am very happy to here there may be other Highlander sets forthcoming, please do not say the sergeant will be included in a future set as this will result in waiting for the next proposed Highlander set in order to obtain the sergeant to complete the marching units provided by the Highlanders on the March set. This in turn may result in a lack of sergeants for other units unless there will be more than one type of sergeant pose included in other Highlanders sets.
This set(140) shows so much promise to be an outstanding figure set. I am sorry to say the exclusion of the sergeant would somewhat sadden me - an opportunity missed...

Best regards

Re: No of figures

Thank you very much for that info,

lots of great new sets coming out and i am loving the new more slender style and the more unusual sets.



Re: No of figures

Dear Allan,

all poles, highlanders and brits sets will have 44 figures:
4 x 1 command group
10 x 4 soldiers

Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Bummer - two command sets would have been ace as I'm making 24-men units.

Re: No of figures " highlanders and the Brits"

44 figures works fine for me. I was interested to see the comment about "highlanders and the Brits". Does this mean another set of Line infantry perhaps?? yes please.

Re: No of figures " highlanders and the Brits"

the box art reminds me of the highlander's in the film the Buccaneer . the story of the pirate jean la fyette in the battle of new orleans.