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Re: Poles marching

That is what I meant I have all the Pole`s in 1/72, but to make a marching unit from them would be expensive.

Re: Pole`s marching

Fantastic News Polish Infantry on the March will the surprises from Strelets never stop, I must say the sculpting of these and the Highlanders has really improved not that the old sculpting was bad just a little chunky compared to other manufacturers, the latest Sculpts look like they will blend in well with the best figures on the market superb.

Can someone tell me if these are Grenadiers or Fusiliers? did the Polish Fusiliers have double cross belts or just one like the French Fusiliers?

Re: Pole`s marching


These are fusiliers and are correct, as far as I know, with the exception of the sabre-briquet which was only carried by the voltigeurs and grenadiers. I missed this on my first over-awed viewing of them, but it was pointed out by a friend. It would be nice if this could be corrected, but it's not a 'game breaker', at least for this little black duck!

It does make one wonder, what other surprises Strelets have planned?

Polish elite companies marching?
Scottish centre companies marching?
British flank companies marching?

The above types for the French, Italians, Swiss, Westphalians...!!!

Go Strelets, you great fellows!!


Re: Pole`s marching -Strelets is listening to its customers

Love these and how Strelets has been listening to it's customers: Expansion of Dark Ages sets, Highlanders, Poles, and early War USA/navy have all been items frequently requested on the forum.

Well done Strelets!

Re: Pole`s marching -Strelets is listening to its customers

Dear Strelets!

You're quickly becoming my new favourite 1:72 manufacturer if you continue to do sets like this as often as you do - I guess this'll be the first time when I'll buy sets as soon as they come out with both medieval English sets and the three Dark Age big boxes, plus the two new lovely Napoleonic boxes.

You really stepped up your game, and it makes me really happy that one of the most prolific manufacturers improved this much over the years.

All the best!

Re: Pole`s marching -Strelets is listening to its customers

They all look like bean-poles!

Re: Pole`s marching -Strelets is listening to its customers

Dear Strelets

It is always good to see the development of new Napoleonic figure sets.
For me many of your sets have shown to have figures in a multitude of individual poses portraying great animation and packed with character. Traits of Strelets sets I regard highly.

Although the Strelets previous/earlier sculpting style may be an acquired taste (re: slightly chunky figs), I am very happy to see that Strelets recent sculpting is evolving and becoming much more refined in style. I hope this trend continues and is finely tuned in regards to the evolution of your sculpting.
I would hope to see future figures showing clearly defined detail and figures portraying good realistic proportional size in terms of their physical attributes/anatomical appearance (head, torso, limbs) and the equipment they carry (e.g weapons)
I very much hope that future Napoleonic sets are sculpted by the gentleman who created the Highlanders on the March set.

Unfortunately I will have to cast a critical eye upon the Polish Infantry Marching set and with respect may I express the following:

* I really like that the set contains a large variety/number of individual marching figures poses


* The legs on the figures seem to be a little on the slim/thin side
* The NCO just looks somewhat a little awkward/unnatural in portraying his movement
* My worries and concern also extend to that some of the figures faces/head seem slightly big on some of the figures. However this could be due to the anatomy of the figure as a whole.
(Sadly I feel figures with slightly big faces/heads do not blend very well with other manufacturers sets)

Ideally I would be grateful if not excitably ecstatic if the anatomical proportions of future Napoleonic figures made by Strelets compared favourably in size for example with sets like Zvezda Russian Heavy Infantry Grenadiers, Zvezda French Old Guard or even the recently released Waterloo1815 French Infantry Marching. I hope this is the standard of Napoleonic sculpting quality the talented and gifted Strelets sculptors strive to move towards - the Highlanders on the March have shown the way... I very much hope this is the beginning of something special by Strelets in the realms of which encompasses all that is Napoleonic.

Wishing you a future of great success

Best regards