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Re: Dark Age kits - which sets will be included?

I totally like the new incredible sprues and the boxart. I liked a lot the olds sets. I do not mind in repeating sprues and respect the selling policy of Strelets. But to make me repeating so many sprues suddenly ( If I want all, I will keep 6 new sprues of saxon shieldwall+ my older 4 = 10 sprues!! I do not need so many, will you want mine?

It is budget of course, but also space and some annoying sensation that I am being cheated. And I bought all big boxes before,never a trobule with that concept.
For instance norman camp was better idea for me, just repeated normant mounted in the march and 2 sprues of marching infantry..i can combine that ok. And now Norman army is also ok, they come with the old fighting norman sprues, which are fine and really different to get at the time around.So i get no more than 8 sprues total of norman shieldwall, for example, or 6 sprues of nrorman in the march.

So sorry, I feel like that.