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Re: Dark Age kits - which sets will be included?

I am sorry to disagree a bit;

I like a lot the new figures, and also the old included sets,(no problem in acquiring them again)

But I find it quite dissapointing having for instance the old saxon (battle and before battle ) repeated , not one time but twice in two of these new Big-Sets..(Stamsford Bridge and Saxon Army)

If i go for all of them (as I did with roman LegiOn, Medieval Britain etc.), I will have to get obliged 3 times the same figures!!!

Also the "new unique figures" seem to appear repeated between "Stamsford Bridge" and "saxon Army" sets..

For having all of the "unique figures" i am obliged to double them as well ?¿?...

Why mixing vikings and saxons like that? It would have been better boxes like "Saxon Army", "Norman Army" and "Viking Army".. All of them separated...

What do the rest think?