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Re: Strelets Highlanders on the March

Hi Strelets

I am a great fan of much of your work, with many having so much character. I am especially really looking forward to the "Highlanders on the March", that appear to be for the Napoleonic period. However, there are a few minor items I might suggest to make the set even better and more historically accurate. The items I shall list below:-

1. The examples shown on your site as indicated on 22/09/2016 appear to be all of the Elite companies (Grenadier and/or light) as indicated by the wings on their shoulders as opposed to white tufts indicating a "centre"company. These elite companies would have constituted only two companies (1x Grenadier and 1x Light) of the overall battalion, the other eight companies would be made up of the "centre" companies with the tufts on their shoulders. You can see some useful examples of these on this site:-

2. The standard bearer would normally be a junior officer (ensign) who would normally be accompanied by several "colour" sergeants, carrying long pikes (ie Spontoon). Also, British/Scottish battalions would have two flags, one being the "Kings colours" the other being the "Regimental colours". Furthermore, due to flags being often difficult to paint their complicated designs, many people frequently like to use paper flags that can achieve a far greater "professional" look. Hence, it would be so appreciated if a staff could be supplied.

3. The water containers seem to be incorrect, with a very thick edging on some of the troopers.

4. The troopers carrying their muskets via the slings with fixed bayonets would be highly unlikely (I believe), as the bayonets would be attached when being readied for combat, not while doing "general marching" as they seem here.

5. Officers would most likely be wearing trousers while in the field or on campaign. Though this officer is superb in his finery, he is obviously strolling off to a evening party or around town, certainly not off to deploy for battle.

6. The Scottish regiments would have been famous for their bagpipes, being arguably their national iconic instrument. Though off course it would be great to have both a "pipes and drums".

7. I can appreciate peoples comments regarding the line work already etched on the tartans, as it does make it difficult for painting.

Thank you so much, I do hope some of these comments are of some help.

Kind Regards

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