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Re: Tecumsah

Colin D.
Does anyone know if the Tecumsah set can also double for Native Americans who fought on the American side? I don't know if other tribes had a similar look to the Shawnee.

Colin D.,

I plan on using this set for my Eastern Indians / Woodland Indians to fight my Pioneers, Fort Detroit, AWI and up to and after the War of 1812. They look great the way they are, however, with a little research I've read that many of the Indians before going into battle took off their shirts and covered themselves in warpaint for power and intimidation. I'll suggest to you what I did, so you can make up your own mind:

Go to
Enter "War of 1812"
Look to the right side and go down until you see the following (you can click on all of the links to see the Indians) ...
After that, Go to Google / Images and look up each tribes Warriors ...
(Wikipedia / War of 1812 / then choose your Tribe / then Google Images)

WAR OF 1812


United States
Creek allies
Iroquois Confederacy

British Empire
United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
The Canadas

Tecumseh's Confederacy (until 1813) Shawnee
Creek Red Sticks
Delaware (Lenape)

Spain Spain (1813) Spain Florida

Re: Tecumsah

Many thanks Mr. Clay! I originally wasn't going to get these but they looked too nice!

Re: Tecumsah

Colin D.
Many thanks Mr. Clay! I originally wasn't going to get these but they looked too nice!

Dear Colin D.,

Thank you, too! It wasn't until this morning I pulled out a new, complete box and right there the box art show three (3) shirtless Braves with war-paint, which was likely preferred when they had time to plan their attacks. As pointed out, none of the actual figures in the set are shirtless, but, believe me, you won't care. To me, this is the best-ever set of Eastern-Woodland Warrior Braves with authentic weapons and action poses. Even the muskets flint-locks are perfectly detailed. They stand 22-23 mm from head to toe so will match your 1/72 & HO perfectly. At the risk of being scalped myself, these "Redskins" are made in a beautiful Terracotta Red color.

My first battles for my young "Injuns" will be to fight off Daniel Boone & Company in my Fort Boonesborough, and then the rest of us Yanks at Fort Detroit. And then as my Braves gain experience, they will partake in the War of 1812!

Don't sweat it, a little Google / Images searching will give you so many ideas for conflicts, you will want to start with this set first, then gradually build up add the countless enemies to challenge them.

Have Fun, and you will! - GC