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Re: english foot soldiers masters

Great looking soldiers. Color wise I'd hope for:

1. Same Excellent Silver Color of your Normans, or
2. A Nice Flat Black, or
3. Terracotta Red.


Re: english foot soldiers masters

I have not noticed people clamouring for these figures in this forum. Maybe people write directly to Strelets and the "wants" views in this forum are not typical.
There are lots of gaps in other manufacturers Medieval time spans (usually 14th /15th c. covered) but Strelets have to their credit issued quite a few sets of this period (13th/14th centuries) -crossbowmen, Levy 1, Levy 2, military order sergeants, military order warriors, Scottish army of Bruce, Scottish Schiltron, English cavalry of Edward I and so on. It must come to a total of over a hundred poses maybe a lot more. Lots of sculpting styles as well. I have many of these sets. For new collectors maybe but not for me.

Re: english foot soldiers masters

i would love to see another english cavalry set,in this new style.

Re: english foot soldiers masters

Not my thing, and no expert on the period, but the axes seem over represented and the poleaxe a tad chunky, but nice sculpting once again.

Re: english foot soldiers masters

Has anyone else noticed that at least 3 (1st halberdier, 2 handed axeman and 2 handed swordsman) are directly based upon the old 54mm Airfix Medieval Men at Arms?

I love this sort of tribute to classic figures of the past. I recall both the Orion and the Emhar Viking sets had many figures inspired by the Marx Viking set.