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Re: Lawrence of Arabia

At the risk of being lynched by my peers I beg to differ, I think taken as a whole it`s a fair review, three 10`s and two seven`s that would delight many manufacturers of many sets. The comments about the Lawrence figure are fair, but Strelets have helped single him out for our benefit and to market the set as Lawrence not Arabs/Bedouin, the two pistols are massively over sized, the rifle`s do lack detail , so all once again fair. Lawrence was written up by the worlds press both during and after the revolt, Britain particularly wanted to distract the public from the horrors of the Western front, the desert was glamour and with relatively low casualties, so made good press. Not the time or place to discuss Lawrence the man and myth, but it is the right place to discuss the 1/72 figure set depicting him, and I think it`s long overdue, quite superbly executed, probably Strelets best ever set in my opinion, and has left me wanting more, on foot and as PSR says on Camels.

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