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Re: Lawrence of Arabia

This set is magnificent! The sculpting is I think the best yet for Strelets cavalry. For my eyes, nothing is out of proportion or unbelievable, and versatile.

Anybody who likes this Theme will regret not buying it. I think like the ACW Command sets, they will become rare very quickly.

The traditional arab outfits, facial details, accoutrements, action poses and really neat weapons (pistols are a little big) especially the old traditional rifles make this very attractive for arab fans.

The attack on Aqaba scene in the movie is lead entirely by horse mounted arabs with bannermen out front. To see Lawrence and any other camels, you have to look at the back of the attack, so this set is just fine for this.

However, I do hope Strelets makes another set of mounted arabs on camels too, and also gives us another Lawrence figure in traditional arab garb as later in the movie, to go with the Lawrence in his British uniform early on. And of course some foot arabs for disrupting the trains.

PSR gave us some very good images (Thank you PSR!) so it's easy to make up your own mind, at least from the front side.

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