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Re: Lawrence of Arabia

All being well I should have mine in the morning, they will be washed primed and undercoated before we barbecue tomorrow evening

Re: Lawrence of Arabia

I'll be waiting until the ground troops with MG teams appear, then I can prepare the whole revolting force together.

Re: Lawrence of Arabia

Ordered my new Strelets sets from Harfields in the UK. Andy is great and really helpful. Will help you to find stuff even if it's not in his catalogue.

I know I'm now cheeky, but I CANNNOT wait for the Beduins on foot....

Cheers to all

Re: Lawrence of Arabia

Arrived this morning, in my opinion the best Strelets set ever, washed and ready to prime, and agree with Alex if the foot figures are as good as these I for one will be delighted, and don`t forget to do a set mounted on Camels too