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Re: Quiver-Question

Right, one cut-off finger would not be enough to disable an archer. At least you need two fingers holding the string to shoot a bow. One finger above and one under the arrow. Maybe that's the origin of the 'V'?

Re: Quiver-Question

i had read,(cant remember where),that the french would cut the two fingers off of bowman and parole them back to their home.the two fingers in the air meant that they had won the battle and not had their fingers cut off.
dont know if its true or not.but it should be cause it sounds good.

Re: Quiver-Question

Just for clarity, we Brits have been bought up to believe for six hundred years the origin of the two fingered salute, insult, originated at Agincourt , the French having promised to cut the two bow fingers off any captured archer. After victory the English army marched passed the French having been given the road to Calais holding aloft their hands waving their two fingers at the French. This has been quoted as fact in almost every account of the battle, but there is no historical proof that it happened, or did not happen, it sounds right,and we Brits love the story,so we are keeping it, but we will probably never know if it actually true.

Re: Quiver-Question

I think I'd buy this set just to get the "I've still got my fingers" pose but the other figures are great as well. I like the way they've positioned the fingers, I know what it means and no one else has an excuse to misinterpret it. After all Streletz are catering for us strange people whose hobby is toy soldiers not for those strange people whose hobby is being outraged by everything.
The quiver on the back isn't a big deal for me, indeed I didn't really notice it until someone pointed it out. Likewise the comments over at Benno's about dates and styles of helmets, swords, etc, I'm not that well read so for me a Medieval archer is a Medieval archer. And these are very fine looking Medieval archers!

As for unsubstantiated and unprovable pieces of history I have one of my own, I think that killjoy revisionist historians who seem to delight in robbing us of all of our favourite oral history are the real reason why paintball guns were invented. Obviously I can't prove that but it makes perfect sense to me.

Re: Quiver-Question

Good point Alan! A quiver on the back seems plausible, when on the march. Or while hunting? I remember a drawing by L & F Funcken in one of their old books about medieval knights & armor. It featured a knight and his entourage, one of them an archer on horseback equipped with such a quiver. But this was just a ‘modern’ drawing and he was the only archer in that group.

On the other hand there are the well known Airfix covers from their vintage Robin Hood boxes and playsets… But in fact all these figures came without a quiver on the back. Even the ‘Robin Hood’ sculpt had none.
However, Strelets’ longbowmen are a must-have for my collection. My home is my castle and here they may wear their quiver just the way they like

Re: Quiver-Question

Not sure why the two fingers gesture attracts such interest. Like most things of that nature they say a lot more about the present than the past. Funny that nobody can quote the source nor feels the need to. I like Mr Rowland's account as the Sheela na Gig was on many churches with connotations of fertility so at least there is some documentation with that one.
From churches to the Bible, Genesis 27:3 mentions quivers, bows and hunting so that gives some credence to the hunting use as the English translation of the Hebrew, Greek, Latin texts would have used common terminology in the 16th/17th centuries (time of vernacular translations). Hunting the doe under the greenwood required stealth and firing on the move. One of my ancestors was a Fletcher ( 2 or 3 greats grandfather ie 18th c )so my toxophilic knowledge is probably genetic and therefore outstandingly accurate.

BTW my hobby is collecting military miniatures not toy soldiers. My hobby, my terms of endearment likewise feel free to use plastic wotsits, widdel sojurs ,
martial simulacra or whatever and if it keeps the show on the road- fine by me.