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Re: IMPERIAL (DISMOUNTED) CAMEL CORPS (ICC - Dismounted Set) for Lawrence of Arabia Range

You know, Paint Dog, when it comes to the British Colonial Armies, both foot and mounted, and no matter what colors they are made in, the fact is they are just so "versatile!" North and South Africa, India, Afghanistan, Boxer Rebellion, Khartoum, boarding those old steamers (Four Feathers and Rogues March), Zulu Wars ... and they all look different and have really cool accoutrements and uniforms.

And further, the Arab armies have only been touched on - Airfix Bedouins and Esci Muslim Warriors and I do like the Red Box Afghans. But ... now Strelets' Lawrence of Arabia. Yes!

Strelets is giving us the opportunity to have something no one else has done before in soft plastic - you know, British Imperial Camel Corps Dismounted in Wolseley Helmets and puttees, Arab Warriors in full battle regalia with weapons of jewelry store quality and beauty.

And I hope new Turk Infantry and Artillery, at the very least. New sets with Strelets' todays quality and specifically dedicated for the Arab Revolt.

I've even got some Bi-planes and now I have a purpose to build them and even paint them up - Just a few.

You know, I can think of very few better ways to spend my money. Every dollar/pound/euro I spend on a new box of Lawrence of Arabia Cavalry, will give me countless hours and years of quiet pleasure, historical reflection and only appreciate in value the older I get. Most everything else loses it's luster and utility over time, but not toy soldiers. Call me a nutter, but I'm still going to fill my pockets with them! We can't lose with this Lawrence of Arabia Range.


Strelets should give you a discount.

You've sold me.