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Re: Future Japanese Releases

"How can we get the price of 1/72 toy soldiers rolled back to 50 Cents a box?"

Pretty easy, GarrisonClay - when Fed will return to gold standard.

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Re: Future Japanese Releases

Just in case you have not yet decided what to do after the next batch, here's another vote for WW2 Japanese field artillery. Regards, Pa

Re: Future Japanese Releases

Coming back to the original topic, can I please ask to have the Japanese figures with no or very few submachine guns, just like the real Imperial Japanes Army?

Paratroopers might be ok with several submachine guns but infantry just did not have them in any relevant numbers, in any theater.

If the lack of submachine gun poses makes you feel that's a rather boring set full of riflemen, some suggestions:

Strelets' sculptor likes figures firing a machine gun from the hip, this is a pose more useful in a Japanese set than in others. A no. 2 gunner carrying ammo would be a great companion, especially give the fact that the Japanese had few transport vehicles. For the same reason, a mule with handler would be great. HäT have given us bicycle troops but Strelets could add either a figure carrying a folding bike (or mortar, for that matter) or a spotter lying prone on his bike on the ground. Regards, Pa