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Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

Dear Strelets, thanks for your quick reply!
Right, the Revell sets were great (I collected them all). But they not even covered the basic troops.
There were
- Imperial and Swedish Infantry (not enough pikemen compared to the musketeers)
- Imperial and Swedish Cavalry
- Only Imperial artillery

Since Revell stopped releasing any new sets long ago, there never will be
- Swedish artillery (with their famous lightweight leather cannons)
- Siege artillery & troops
- Dragoons (especially fighting as infantry)
- French, Bohemian, Spanish, Scottish/Irish, Danish, Dutch...
And of course all variety of special sets, which we only can get from Strelets:
Before battle, marching, camp...

BTW: You don't have to beat the Revell sets. Your own standard of sculpting already has improved to a very high level. Everyone (but PSR) will see that at first glance. The Stamford Bridge / Norman /Anglo-Saxon masters are incredible. Maybe You change Your mind one day. There's plenty of time until 2048.

Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

Yeah there are definitely many more topics to cover in the TYW that the revell sets did not cover.