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Surprise: Swedish tv documentation about TYW features 1/72 figures

Perhaps that's convincing, too:

A Swedish documentary about the Battle of Lützen - featuring a kid painting Revell Swedish Infantry figures! Since many, many years, I watched as many documentaries. But I never saw one like that, showing our hobby for demonstration purposes. With a big fat Revell box, appearing twice in the documentation. How many boys from Sweden would have wanted such figures, too, when seeing that on tv?

It's here (f.e. at 2:46 min, 5:43 min, 18:06 min, 27:46 min). Seems even the Stockholm Army Museum uses them in their permanent exhibition.

Thanks for the support, paint dog! You're right, there was no fight on English soil (and the US were not existent back then). So the English Civil War was their experience of a devastating war in the 17th century. But there were lots of mercenaries from England, Scotland and Ireland fighting on the continent. Remembered still today by reenactors, depicting their units.

In fact, the tv documentation explains that rather few Scandinavians fought in the Swedish Army at Lützen (the famous battle in 1632 when King Gustavus Adolphus, the 'Lion of the North', fell in combat). There were 49 skeletons found in a grave at the former battlefield. All of them members of the Swedish blue division, infantry positioned in the center of the line. Forensics tells that only one of these skeletons came from Scandinavia. Probably, not even certainly.

But certainly there will be a market for figures, at least from 2018 on.

Re: Surprise: Swedish tv documentation about TYW features 1/72 figures

Interesting post, 0nn0. Thanks for the video link.

I'm thinking you would be a very knowledgeable person.

I've started to build armies using Revell and ACTA and some metals but it's hard. I should add that the missed opportunity that is Mars is a sore disappointment with me.

Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

Dear OnnO,

we didn't plan such a line, since we will never beat Revell's series, which, in our opinion, are one of the highest achievements not only of Revell but in our hobby as a whole.

Best regards,


Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

i agree that the revell sets are great.
im glad you didnt feel that way when you put out your first norman and saxon sets.

Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

Dear Strelets, thanks for your quick reply!
Right, the Revell sets were great (I collected them all). But they not even covered the basic troops.
There were
- Imperial and Swedish Infantry (not enough pikemen compared to the musketeers)
- Imperial and Swedish Cavalry
- Only Imperial artillery

Since Revell stopped releasing any new sets long ago, there never will be
- Swedish artillery (with their famous lightweight leather cannons)
- Siege artillery & troops
- Dragoons (especially fighting as infantry)
- French, Bohemian, Spanish, Scottish/Irish, Danish, Dutch...
And of course all variety of special sets, which we only can get from Strelets:
Before battle, marching, camp...

BTW: You don't have to beat the Revell sets. Your own standard of sculpting already has improved to a very high level. Everyone (but PSR) will see that at first glance. The Stamford Bridge / Norman /Anglo-Saxon masters are incredible. Maybe You change Your mind one day. There's plenty of time until 2048.

Re: To Strelets: Any chance for a Thirty Years War - line?

Yeah there are definitely many more topics to cover in the TYW that the revell sets did not cover.