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Re: Imperial Roman Contribution

Stunning Romans.

Re: Imperial Roman Contribution

The entire Imperial Roman Range is mouth-watering. All of the painted contributions make me glad I've bought all of the sets for my collection.

The best looking sets for me are the latest one's with shields that have the designs cast on them. The last painted contribution with the details highlighted look best to me. Also this way, I do not have to paint them to get the full beauty of the Imperial Roman Army Soldiers.

I've bought extra sets of these just so I can do some conversions adding the new detailed shields to my favorite poses.

Strelets, I'll say it again, I sure hope you consider making one more "Fighting Action Set wearing the Attic Helmets." I look forward to doing some Cavalry conversion Head-Swops, but for Infantry, I'd rather buy up 10 or 15 boxes ready to fight! (hint, hint )

Thank you for making this Range. It's really great.

Re: Imperial Roman Contribution

Totally agree, I love the Strelets Roman range. And Marcin Mizielinski, I bow before your painting awesomeness sir!

Re: Imperial Roman Contribution

I'd like to add to the chorus of praise for your painting Mr Mizielinski, and for those lovely Strelets figures!

Re: Imperial Roman Contribution

I've always thought Strelets' figures "love paint" more so than just about any other manufacturer's products.

Painters will know what I mean.

Essentially, the unpainted figure has some appeal but the slightly chunky, slightly exaggerated style of Strelets comes into its own when paint is applied.

Base colours, highlighting & shading & washes. Each step reveals more of the impact of the figure.

The contribution we are discussing being a case in point.