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Re: Lawrence of Arabia: Concerning Color...

I think maybe terracotta because your chances of finding Airfix's original Arabs in white; Not very good! Your chances of finding Hat's re-issue in rust; Much better! Just a thought.

Bert, FYI - The Airfix/HaT Arabs/Bedouins were last reissued in a very nice Medium Tan color. I bought mine w/o boxes so I can't describe what design to look for. Check with your favorite sellers.

So far, I've found them (over my lifetime) in White, Pale Yellow, Greenish-Tan, Rust, Medium Tan. The Rust and Medium Tan are reissues and I was able to get an ample number at a reasonable price.

I like the idea best in White, Terracotta and Light Tan for Strelets Arabs. In reality, the Arabs are a colorful group of fighters, so I keep all colors to give them flare on the battle field.