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Re: Revolt in the desert? They are there

I am truly looking foreword to this set, and I hope the other sets that follow, on foot and camel mounted

Re: Revolt in the desert?

Hi Strelets and All

What happened to the wonderful set of Lawrence of Arabia/Bedouins for WW1? And wasn't there also a promise to do have set of foot Bedouins? Thanks for an update. I remember the figures looking very nice indeed, but they don't appear on "Product" list yet.


Alex, Danny gave you the product number for the Lawrence of Arabia Mounted (Cavalry) Arabs, but you're right, there is no designation yet for Foot (Infantry) Arabs. I'm guessing it was you back on Dec. 31, 2015 who asked about/suggested a set of Foot Arabs on the Forum and got the response:

"Dear Alex,

we didn't expect to make infantry for this subject, but having read the discussion in an earlier thread, we saw the merits of this suggestion and, as the result, we may also release infantry set to accompany the cavalry.

Best regards,


Not quite a "promise" but not a "no" either. Arlin and I asked the same question of these and other sets just on May 8, below, and Strelets just posted pictures of the WWII American Navy sprew and figures answering one of Arlin's questions, so hopefully our highly anticipated Mounted and Foot (Infantry) Arabs will also soon appear. There is every reason to believe that sooner, rather than later, Strelets is going to surprise us with some Masters of Foot Arabs. Fingers crossed!

Re: Revolt in the desert?

Thank you guys!! I was worried that they might have disappeared. Can't wait!

Cheers to all