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Re: Hastings

stamford bridge masters are up.they look even better than these.
best looking vikings ive seen in 1/72.

Re: Hastings

Yep! Extremely tastey figures, lookoing forwards to them very muchly.

Re: Hastings

Stamford Bridge, great looking figures, the only one I would tweak/change is the King/Harold figure....he just looks so wrong.

Re: Hastings

Good work Strelets. These are great sculpts and the figures will be welcomed here. My only concern is the two figures that seem to be armed with a long handled, two handed, mace or hammer. I've seen this before on some fantasy figures, but have missed the evidence that this was a common weapon at the time? Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this. It might make a great weapon if you were Thor, John Henry or in the zombie control unit but I would prefer the long ax that several others are swinging. In any case we will battle with what you give us. Please hurry these along.

Re: Hastings

Perhaps they represent poorly armed men of the Fyrd although giving them agricultural tools might have been better.
I looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and only found one man holding something that looked a bit like this but that was actually an oval shaped shovel seen from front on in a building scene. At the end of the Tapestry there are four men carrying maces running from pursuing Norman cavalry but the maces have four lobed, sort of flower shaped heads and while the handles look quite long they are not actually longer than those on the clubs used by William and Odo.
I think I can easily change the heads on these clubs if I want to.

Congratulations to Strelets on these great sets of figures, good to see figures for William and Bishop Odo. The William figure is cleverly done, the hand lifting his helmet clearly identifies him as William but it's still a good generic fighting pose and the figure is not tied to one small incident in the battle. I thing
k Odo's cross could easily be substituted for the club hanging at his belt for those who prefer it. The Stamford bridge figures look terrific too, I love the hawking figure.

One thing though. The carved end of Williams club is, I suppose, a bear and staff or something similar, but it looks like a Maori Tiki. Did he get it on his hols?