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Re: Superheroes!

David O'Brien
ST was also an animated TV series called Roughnecks about 1999 - 2000. Very toned down and given a PG but a large number of episodes, writers and directors. Some of them quite good. Also ST Invasion (2012) feature film, 15 certificate and 2012 style slick animation.

Galoob did ST Battle packs and almost everyone had an Arachnid in and also Vehicle sets. The packs and sets looked close to 1/72nd scale.

Funnily enough Arachnids isn't copyright as they are real spiders, scorpions etc. It is the name of the class of invertebrates. It could be registered ® eg Arachnid® mountain boots (are better than 8 legs)


I have one of the arachnids somewhere, but the Roughnecks series was excellent animation, years ahead of its time, some of the animation even made it into the feature series.

Re: Superheroes!

I wasn't aware of that series, thanks for the info. I've seen the two sequels to the 1997 original, thought they were decent enough, but it's good to know there's more out there for this universe. I wonder if there are also models of the Marauders, those were pretty cool.