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Retreat From Moscow

I'd like to see Strelets make more sets for the Retreat from Moscow series. The
Russian sled sets are quite nice, but the French sled sets are a bit sparse when it
comes to contents. I wish Strelets would make some sets of retreating and skirmishing
sets of the French. There is a famous painting of Marshal Ney fighting a rear-guard
action. A figure set based on that painting would be great.

Re: Retreat From Moscow

I would like to see Cossacks in Winter Dress set.

Paul K.

Re: Retreat From Moscow


I believe that was the intended purpose behind Strelets*R's M023 French Line Infantry Marching and M010 Fr. Guard Chasseurs (Winter Dress). If you look at the Campaigns listing ( they are grouped together.

I'm not certain, but, I believe that the next Napoleon's HQ kit will be focused on the Retreat from Moscow as well.

Re: Retreat From Moscow

The painting of Ney and the rear guard is inspirational, I would certainly buy such a set.

Re: Retreat From Moscow

I would love this as it has so many possibilities & would be cool as heck! Lots of casualty figs would be great too! However, I'm betting we get 4 sets of WW2 Germans in Stalingrad before we get any more Napoleonics retreating Moscow!