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Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

I was reading about some of the wars between Spain and the Native Peoples of South America and I came across a reference to the Spanish conquest of the Canary Islands.

I had no knowledge of this before, but apparently, Spain took the Canaries in the early 1400s from an aboriginal race known as Guanches, who may have been descended from a mixture of Berbers and perhaps Scandinavian Vikings! Many of them were tall blonde and blue-eyed. They also built stepped pyramids similar to the Meso-American peoples and used mummification techniques similar to those of Egypt. Some theorize that early travels of the Guanche may be responsible for the Aztec legends of Quetzalcoatl, their ancient bearded light skinned God, whom they assumed had returned in the form of Cortez when he arrived in Mexico.

These Guanches, were basically cavemen whose culture made it to the early 1400s thanks to their isolation. Their only weapons were fire-hardened wooden spears, thrown rocks and clubs. They wore nothing but goatskin cloaks. There were several large battles involving thousands of Stone-Age Guanches against a couple hundred armored pike-and-shot era Spanish.

For gaming this conflict, there are Revell and Caesar Conquistadores, RedBox renaissance Spanish sets, and perhaps one could cherry-pick through various sets of North American Natives, Roman-era barbarians and some of Caesar's Biblical series for the Guanches.

Hope this isn't too off topic, but I am kind of excited about this discovery as the last time I learned about a previously unknown (to me) conflict was The Chaco War, which I heard about over 20 years ago.

Re: Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

Here is a clip of a cinematic recreation of a battle of Spanish vs. Guanches. Not sure if it is at all historically accurate. A little over 7 minutes and in Spanish, if anyone is interested:

Re: Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

Of course I meant to say "late 1400s" rather than "early 1400s". Not sure what I was thinking.

Re: Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

"Quetzalcoatl, their ancient bearded light skinned God"
Quetzi was bearded and light skinned?

Re: Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

So it would seem.

Re: Interesting New (to me, anyway) Conflict.

weell, aztec pictograms are quite inintelligible... however i see your point, after all aztecs (or those who were before them) flourished (maybe) during the fall of the roman empire, when vandals colonized the v-andalusia and north africa and (maybe) the canaries, vandals were the only navigating german tribe, we could imagine them like some sort of vikings, maybe some ships (manned with native guanches slaves) could have lost themselves somewhere in the atlantic ocean and shipwrecked in the coasts of mexico... however it was too late for atlantis, that was already sinked in the ocean, and too early for vikings, because mesoamerican pyramids are more ancient than 9th century... fascinating, even if quite abused theme.