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Re: 909 Norman Army Camp

Really looking forward to these big sets but I bought all the dark age minisets when they came out so there will be massive duplication for me. I'm probably daft enough to buy them anyway because I will want the unique set that is always included with them but that will leave me with loads of figures I don't really want. This policy of Strelets is a bit difficult to deal with - if I hadn't bought the sets when they were sold individually and Strelets had never produced the big box then I would have missed out on them but now, if I want the new unique sets then I am going to have to spend pounds duplicating stuff I already have. S'pose I could try and sell of the surplus.

Re: 909 Norman Army Camp

The man doesn't have a long knife - he is playing a musical instrument to
accompany the woman playing the harp.

Ah yes I see it now. These two make a nice group with the dancing figures above.

Re: 909 Norman Army Camp

Awesome! Wonderful! Interesting!

Re: 909 Norman Army Camp

Great now you can do the Camelot Scene