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Re: open gap in the Alliance list- more Elvish horsemen

Yes, agreed, but they are part of the films now! All the dwarf sets now feature just what most would call Dwarf Irregulars or Dwarf Adventurers! No real Dwarf army!

Hey, I'm all for Elrond's Cavalry!

Yeah, not sure why they made them? Especially with a mounted Saruman, but hey, it's not like they aren't useful!

Re: open gap in the Alliance list- more Elvish horsemen

Ah Danny, you got me! As soon as I saw the 1st words of your post, I knew! Like I said, I'm all for Elvish horsemen! & I know RedBox is going beyond the movies, but I would much rather see a set of Elven Infantry & another of Elven Archers than get another over drawn set containing both! Ala Amazons & their current Elf set! You're stuck with too many Archers & not enough Infantry poses! LIKE their Amazon set! But I like the way you think!