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Re: Cimmerians

Sean Emrick
So now that we appear to be getting figures based on the works of Robert E Howard any chance for some green four armed martians from ERB or Lovecraftian occultist fishmen....cause that would be amazing. :)

I think the actual ERB green men are something like 16ft tall(which was obviously a problem for the film) making them about 2.5 inches high in 1/72... but why stop there? I think if redbox went for it they'd do the lot....

What can I say!!! Go for it Redbox....

Yeah they're between 10-15 feet tall depending on gender, but redbox is making trolls and they're surely just as big if not bigger.

Re: Cimmerians

I have been thinking about these figures a lot recently, for various reasons. Because of issues with my back I have started playing the Skyrim medieval adventure computer game. Kt struck me that these figures remind me of the armours used by chracters and non-player characters in that game.

Which is fine with me, looking forwards to them in fact.