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Re: Caesar Army in Battle II ?

I think they've confused Gallic with Cisalpine Gaul(northern Italy) settled by Roman colonists by his time, where Caesar recruited some of his legions these would have to be from Citizens though...

Re: Caesar Army in Battle II ?

In any case the rightup doesn't inspire confidence... Ceasar never Conquered the British Isles and neither did any other Emperor, though they made a fair stab at it with the most succesfull being Cladius (who should get the credit here) eventually settling on Hadrians wall as the furthest Northen frontier, though other expeditions went further north and established the Antonine wall(after Antonius Pius) for a time during the mid second century.. this didn't last...

Too many errors to list them all...

Re: Caesar Army in Battle II ?

While we're on the subject of this Caesarian set, is it OK to ask for a figure of Gaius Julius himself. Wearing military dress rather than a blood stained toga.

Don't get me wrong, I think the figure in the Roman Senate set is fine for depicting the man being stabbed to death next Tuesday but it doesn't really work for leading his army.

Re: Strelets Caesar ?

See here first figure last row, personally I think he's the dead spit:

as a comparison:

Re: Strelets Caesar ?

Thanks Ironsides, it's a good suggestion. This figure might well work for Caesar in his more hirsute days (yes, I realise that's what the name means). I think this figure might also pass for Augustus though you might prefer to have your army led by Agrippa. Actually there's quite a few Emperors that have a similar look but the one I think this figure most closely resembles is Trajan (cheeks a little chubbier than Caesars).

My image of Caesar is very much influenced by the drawings of Colleen McCullough on your link the pictures no.3 and, especially, no.5 work for me, with the wide forehead that makes him look like his brains too big ( I'm sure some of his Senate opponents thought so), and the lean chiselled features of the cheeks and jawline. The man really does look like he has been carved from marble though, of coarse, in most of the images we have of him he has been carved from marble.

If Streletz would like to make a figure of Caesar that looks like no.5 I'm definitely going to buy that set, otherwise the figure in the Roman Legion I set it is, I'll look for the set next time I'm in the hobby shop.

Re: Strelets Caesar ?

Nice suggestion Graeme.
Perhaps Strelets could consider a separate Roman command set with a few generals and caesars included? The Divine Julius on foot in armour wearing his 'red' cloak would be superb! Plus a Trajan, Claudius, Caligula, Germanicus, Agrippa, Marius, Sulla, Scipio Africanus,...
They could be even form part of a set of centurions, aquilifer, signifier that a few of us have requested or perhaps in the next Roman Legion big box,... or a separate set altogether.
For now, I too like the figure in the Roman Legion set as Caesar. There is a hint of facial hair, but this paints out easily and the face is suitably angular and bald patch well-placed to represent Gaius Julius. The one in Italeri set 6021 is another option.

Re: Strelets Caesar ?

That Italeri figure is also worth having a closer look at, thanks for the suggestion.

I'd be interested to hear what Streletz intended with the three mounted figures in this set:

As I said no.1 looks like he might be Trajan though he could just as easily be most of the Julio-Claudians. No,3 might be Hadrian or possibly Marcus Aurelius. No.2, I think, might be Marcus Aurelius or might possibly be Antoninus Pius(though you might not want him leading your legions, he thought it wiser to delegate). For want of a better figure no.2 might just pass as Septimius Severus.

I'd be up for a set of Roman personality figures, I'd like a recognisable Vespasian, my preference is for Romans in Britain, but Pompey, Octavian, Agrippa, Antony and Cleopatra would also be of interest. Also Streletz has an excellent set of Marius's Mules so a Marius and Sulla would be a fine addition.
There's plenty of interest in and figures for the punic wars so Scipio Africanus and Haninbal as well.

I wouldn't have a problem with figures from different eras being in the same box, it might even tempt me to buy some of the earlier figures that I don't have.
It has to be said that for personality sets like this Streletz is the 'go to' company, it's something they do particularly well.