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Re: WW2 Early US set 2

Figures are up. I guess I was wrong, the majority of the set is more regular fighting infantry poses, with one MG (I thought they would be mostly logistics, manning MGs, maybe wounded and medical staff, and maybe Bataan March poses). Now you we have every pose we could need for any scenario.

Set 3 for for many of the above?

Re: WW2 Early US set 2

So far, these whole Early American series has been pretty awesome. The
masters show the best one piece machine gun I've ever seen. Much better than the
old ESCI ones. I still think they are overarmed with submachine guns, which weren't
that plentiful early in the war. But that is a small quibble. I hope more sets are
forthcoming with artillery.

Re: WW2 Early US set 2

From what I can they look really nice