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Re: Norman Camp .....

They dogs look like English Mastiffs but a little big or the handler is small. The handler looks like he is about to be pulled in two directions with very bad outcomes as they should be on short (halved) chains or leads especially with two. My daughter used to breed Shar Peis which have similar heads to Mastiffs but are much smaller but are placid like the mastiff. The wild boar should have a longer snout. Nice to see Boris has got in the carousing threesome act. All in all a good set of poses and extremely lively. I prefer this sculpting style to the ones in the Norman Train set.


Re: Norman Camp .....

Hahaha "camp" is certainly the word! Great sculpts and a classic for those into this sort of thing.

Yes, David, a very early ancestor of Boris with a previous incarnation of the Bullingdon Club but where are Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Sid James and Babs Windsor for their lost classic "Carry On Conqueror"?!?