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New Red Box!

I guess nobody else noticed if I'm the first person reporting!
WotR European Mtd Men At Arms: These are the best supplied & armored MaA I've ever seen in full plate armor! Nice looking poses!
Samurai Artillery Set 1: 4 static guns with 4 crew each. Box pix look pretty good!

Re: New Red Box!

Samurai artillery is really what was missing from the era. I'm really glad RedBox did them - now only if they made some samurai to accompany them...

Or maye if I'd get the older RedBox sets and paint my armies, that'd be a viable option too :)

Re: New Red Box!

...and ottoman akinci! but, please, someone tell red box to stop producing those horses for god sake!!!
for the rest i'm really impressed, pleased and immensely grateful to red box for their 16th century line!