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Imperial Roman Legion 1 - help needed

Hi folks! Sadly I couldn't find the aforementioned set anywhere, and if it's not a bad place (quite frankly, can't think of a better place to ask :(), might I ask if anyone has a spare box of this he'd like to sell, or maybe trade for something?

Failing that, anyone knows figures that'd match the Strelets Imperial Legionnaries? Mostly command figures, as sadly none of the Legionnaire or Auxiliary sets seem to come with them. Thanks in advance!

Re: Imperial Roman Legion 1 - help needed

i just googled "strelets set 907 imperial roman legion 1" and it had many hits, including sellers.
yes, the imperials are great, still drafing for my legion.
mvg jaap.

Re: Imperial Roman Legion 1 - help needed

The pretorian guard set M049 has four eack standard bearers and musicians these will work for any Roman infantry units:

The best bet in my opinion at least enough for four units, sadly no obvious Centurions