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40 sets in the pipeline!!!!

Hi Haron, that is very exciting news! I love Redbox's WOTR and Renaissance lines. Maybe you are already making these sets, but I would love to see:
- Renaissance Hungarians (foot and horse) to fight the Turks at Mohacs.
- Knights of St John for Rhodes and Malta.
- Armies of Ivan the Terrible
- Tatars of Kazan
- 16th Century Cossacks (maybe still wearing a little armour)
- Sibir tribes to fight them

I will try to patiently wait for the next 40 sets. Already I can't wait for the Venetians, Spaniards and Samurai Artillery.

Keep up the great work!

Re: help needed: list of RedBox and Alliance sets in the pipeline

tom s
40 sets from just red box!
good lord im gonna need a 2nd job.

RedBox, Orion, Alliance, DDS...