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WW2 Japanese troops in tropical uniforms, set M114

Very much looking forward to Strelets' upcoming set of WW2 Japanese in tropical uniforms.

Since there are already some WW2 Japanese sets, and Strelets have been very responsive to customers feedback, I would kindly ask to consider the following.

Size: The average Japanese soldier's height appears to have been 5 foot 3 inches. You can get away with tall elites like paratroopers but all other guys should be short.

Dress: All existing sets of Japanese infantry show them in pristine, ironed uniforms. A set of rather shabby soldiers would be much more realistic. But please don't overdue it, Robinson Crusoe did not serve with them. Mixed equipment, one or two patched trousers, leather gear replaced by cords and some torn canvas shoes would do the trick for me.

Weaponry: No submachine guns please. These were extremely rare in the Japanese army. Yes to a light machine gun. The standard Strelets pose (standing firing) fits well here. Lots of long bayonets please. Hand grenades also. I would prefer a rifle grenade launcher to another "knee mortar".

Any other suggestions? Regards, Pa

Re: WW2 Japanese troops in tropical uniforms, set M114

Would agree with all your comments /suggestions, Pa

In addition a pose or two either carrying tools or using them (spade pick axe etc) would be quite useful as especially from 1943 onwards the Japanese Army spent lots of time and effort constructing defences- bunkers , pillboxes, trenches etc.

Ideally this set should have a mule or horse or two as well,as they were the prime means of transporting materials in places like Northern Burma. To date we only have in plastic the mule and soldier in the Airfix Jungle Post set currently OOP.

Maybe Strelets might consider in the future a Japanese transport set with horses, mules , hand carts !