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Re: Japanese Type 89 tank

The IBG catalogue is here, including several type 89 versions:

Now we just need some Japanese Artillery !

Definitely! 75mm type 38 field artillery with true 1/72 scale crew figures please. Regards, Pa

Re: Japanese Type 89 tank

IBG are to release some Swedish WWII-era Light tanks as well! Never used in the war but useful for what-if-scenarios :)

Re: Japanese Type 89 tank

The Otter ( a Chevrolet) and another Chevrolet with the same crane as the Diamond T and Stridsvagn (correct spelling) variants 39/40 or L-60* are in addition to the highly desirable type 89 variants. The Diamond Ts are very good as are all the others from this Polish company just a bit hard to get hold of. The Stridsvagn did fight in the Dominican Republic and two of the early types were in the Irish army together with British tanks and vehicles. One is exhibited in the Collins Barracks, Dublin and one in the Tank Museum, Bovington and several in Swedish museums. I haven't been able to get the Toldi yet but they look good and with proper tracks not clunky approximations. Well done to IBG "for boldly going" and not churning out more kwikbild Tigers because they are popular.


* L for AB Landsverk the company that made them

This page has all the Lansdverk tank etc info

for tanks click stridsvagnar, armoured cars pansarbilar, self propelled guns etc kanonvagnar

Re: Japanese Type 89 tank

The word is that IBG also plan more Hungarian tanks probaly next year namely the Turan and Zyrini which is very good news.
Yes great to see a company doing something different and lets hope the Stridsvagn and Type 89`s and Otter all sell well.