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Re: A bit of trivia

There were ten Scots amongst Custer's troopers, though sadly none of them were recorded as wearing kilts on the day. Makes you wonder how many Americans were there, if there were Italians, Russians and at least a few English and Irish.

Re: A bit of trivia

Michael Watson
...Makes you wonder how many Americans were there...
Well, there was the Sioux and Cheyenne. That makes, what, a thousand or two thousand Americans?

Re: A bit of trivia

I believe Custer had a number of Indian scouts on his side as well.

Re: A bit of trivia

LOL! Well said PDA! I was going to say the same!

Re: A bit of trivia

"One-third of the soldiers who fought for the Union Army were immigrants, and nearly 1-in-10 was African American. The Union Army included a significant number of soldiers who had immigrated from Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, England, Scotland and more."

This is a quote pertaining to the ACW 1861-1865 which could be said fit in with the American Indian Wars. Except for the Buffalo Soldiers (All African American Troopers) most Cavalry Regiments may have had an ethnic mix similar as above. I recall reading the Union's recruiters waiting at the bottom of the gang planks enlisting the young immigrant men just as soon as they disembarked and set foot on American soil in New York Harbor.

Re: A bit of trivia

tom s
i thought i read on bennos that waterloo 1815 will make them in metal.i hope they are in plastic.

Tom S., The site says both versions, private and Waterloo will be in white metal; no plastic mentioned.

Re: A bit of trivia

Britsfan makes an excellent recommendation for a set of U.S. Cavalry fighting on foot.

I would like to see it sculpted to be able to use as dismounted skirmishing line and hand-to-hand fighting and using both carbines and pistols, with one horse holder and one falling casualty. Produced in Mid-Blue color matching it's Mounted Cavalry and ACW sets and it would be nice to see it fit in so it could be used for both Indian Wars and the American Civil War. S*R's current exciting sculpting and it could serve many uses in many battles and wars.

The Waterloo set poses will be mostly on the ground and covering the last moments of the Last Stand, plus if like all other sets will be in a cream color hard plastic limited to a diorama specific scene.

So I vote for a more Generic Dismounted Cavalry Set that can be mixed with the other great Cavalry and ACW Sets Strelets has already made to help fill out the gaps still needing to be filled.

Re: A bit of trivia

I'm with Garrison! Would much rather see Strelets make this as they will at least make them in BLUE!

Custer's last stand

Massimo Costa's set will be in white metal and out about March of this year and a very limited edition. 20 figures, 3 dead horses and several separate weapons for about 30-35 euros and shipping extra. His e mail address should get through to him. W1815 set will be a reduced version as stated. He has just written to me with pics.