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Re: 2016: BIG Disappointment?

Um, no I didn't quite word it that way! Here is the email I sent;


Was wondering as to your plans for 2016? Last year was a great year with plenty of interesting sets from you! Any info &/or photos you could share would be greatly appreciated! Especially on your "Alliance" fantasy line!

Thank you for your time!


My last line asked; "Especially on your "Alliance" fantasy line!", but the rest of the email was asking about your entire line! Sorry there was a misunderstanding!

... a chance to smell the flowers ...

I am never disappointed over my hobby! I can always scratch build missing forces ... and with more central European, Kiwi and early ww2 US sets in the offing, there is still a lot to buy.

Re: 2016: BIG Disappointment- not at all?

Even though I dont game past napoleonic era, I can see many sets upcoming for those that do. For me Strelets are providing French Nap. Sappers, the re release of the Norman/Saxon ranges in big sets with additonal figures, Praetorians, and I still have to get my hands on the Republican romans in ranks. Hat just announced two Nap British cavalry as well. With their re issue of 60 sets I will pick up some extras I missed first time around, and these are all on top of the backlog of 3000 figures patiently waiting to be painted.
..and we still have another 11 months to go.

Re: 2016: Disappointment- not at all?

I see it as a respite. Quite a few things that I would like to buy from 2015(and 2014) so I am not disappointed.
I accept the argument about economic conditions but it doesn't mean that I will take up baking, wall painting(DIY), ski jumping etc or anything made popular by our quality TV channel if tiny plastic figures vanish altogether. My supermarket stopped selling fresh egg spaghetti and when I complained they said why don't I try another pasta. Now I shop at another supermarket for my spag pasta. Then I went to my daughter's house and coincidently a parcel came to the door and in it was a professional pasta maker. So many choices now as one door closes twelve open. If nobody wants to make 1/72nd scale figures then I will do something else of my choosing. I have just converted my integral garage to a room but I am not quite sure what to do with it- a mini cinema? a little workshop? a flat to rent out? an aquarium? air raid shelter?(it is semi underground and would make a real bunker, Mike) and/or more space to store plaggy figures?
If it hadn't been for Caesar, Zvezda, Hat, Strelets, etc who have served us well then I think the "toy" companies would have ditched plastic 1/72nd scale figures production long ago as it too niche for their brand led ambitions.


Re: 2016: Disappointment- not at all?

It's okay to watch TV and build Army Men in your bunker.

A few years back, I actually commissioned my own line of metal 1/72nd scale figures for my own use when things were slow. Very expensive and the sculptor / caster flaked on my after only 8 of 24 contracted poses.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: 2016: Disappointment- not at all?

What were you having made?

Re: 2016: Disappointment- not at all?

WWII US Army robot soldiers.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog