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Re: News...

So far, I think the year has been pretty good, and we're only, what, 4 weeks in.

  • Zvezda have released a snap-fit kit of the best tank of WW2; the T34/85

  • Roden have released their Rolls Royce 1920 Pattern in 1/72

  • First to Fight have released a 75mm mle97, two-to-a-box

  • Waterloo 1815 have released their Alpini

  • W^D Models have released 2 sets of despatch riders

  • At some point Strelets will release their Lawrence of Arabia set

  • HaT will release two WW1 sets

And that's just the first 4 weeks of the year. Looks pretty good to me.

Re: News...

To me, this has been a good start.

To add to PDA's list, here is a preview from the Nuremberg Toy Fair:

Re: News...

And a Custers last stand set by Waterloo , the figures look fantastic.