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Wake Island

With the release of Strelets' Early WWII American Infantry and the US Navy set
soon to be released, I've been thinking about Wake Island. The Infantry set could be
used as Marines without too much imagination, and the Navy set could be used for anti-aircraft gunners, but what could be used for artillery? Since British style helmets
were still being used by Americans, I thought possibly British gunners could be used, but what about guns, and which British gunners would be best. (wouldn't it be nice if Strelets solved the problem by making artillery for Wake?)

Re: Wake Island

Some US Navy guns could be welcome of course, for the battle of Wake Island it was those guns, 6 of them used as shore battery :

Some 5"/51 caliber guns, conceived before WWI :

But I would be very happy to see also some 5"/38 caliber gun widely used on destroyers during WWII :

(scratchbuilt by myself)

A plastic model is welcome !!!