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Re: Retooled Dacians

Harfields have them you could send them an email

Re: Retooled Dacians

Hi Dougie,

Thanks for the response. I have dropped Harfields an email so fingers crossed they have the Dacians. I have also tried buying the set Roman Auxiliaris at Battle, code M008. These are even rarer! Harfields don't have them and there are no shops or Ebay sellers with this set.

Is it possible to purchase direct from Strelets?

This is my first attempt at buying 1/72 soft plastic miniatures. I thought it would be a cheap and easy way to introduce my young son to gaming without using my metal miniatures. However given the rarity of this stuff I think metal figures would be cheaper and easier!

Thanks again,

Re: Retooled Dacians

Greg, What you have to remember about Strelets is its short run and usually only one production of 3000 sets, so its likely as these are from some time ago they may be difficult to find, on the other hand (hät) hat 8069 dacians are easy to find and seem to be in stock with many vendors for less then a fiver a box, which makes them less then 10p each...

Hät and Strelets have the only Dacian sets on the market that I know of that are likely to still be available somewhere...

these are just a few from one vendor which seems to have them in stock, I suggest googling the company name Strelets/Hat/hät followed by dacians and the set number I'm sure that you'll find enough....

If you need details of the set to google look at Plastic soldier Review wheres theres a listing of Companys and Vendors and details of all sets...