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Sets in the works

What is the status of Set #129, the third Napoleon's General Staff set, Napoleonic French Sappers M115, and the War of 1812 US rangers set (M106?) becasue I would love to buy some?

Give the prices of how rare that Mounted Napoleon's General Staff set is, are you guys going to make Napoleonic Mounted Staff sets for the British.Russian and dare I say it, Prussian Armies?

Is it too much to ask for a War of 1812 American General staff set?


Re: Sets in the works

Yes good questions.
Would also like to know if we can expect set 074 WW1 Austro Hungarian Honved anytime soon ? and maybe some more WW1 Austrian cavalry sets ?

Re: Sets in the works


all announced sets will be released in due course. We don't have exact timeline though.

Best regards,


Re: Sets in the works

Thank you Strelets for that answer.
That is good news !