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Praetorian Ranks

Dear Strelets, re Praetorians Ranks: Very nice your best yet

Well Done, Nuff said I think

Question To Strelets Re: Pretorians

Dear GarrisonClay,

we don't have such plans at the moment.
Best regards,


Dear Strelets,

Many thanks for the reply. I hope you don't close the door for a possible future set of Fighting Foot Pretorians. Your Pretorians Ranks Set (masters) is one of best ever looking Roman soldiers set with the classic Attic helmet and fine details. Kind of reminds me of the old Comic Book Ad at the back of the magazines. I'd love to see a set of these warriors advancing behind their scutums and thrusting their gladius' at the enemy!

OK, I look forward to the release of your current line as 2016 is looking to be a very exciting year!

Best regards to You & The Strelets Team

Question To Strelets Re: Pretorians

Dear Strelets,
I hope that your masters for Pretorians will be transformed 1:1 in figures and not so like the the New Zeelands: masters ok,figures disappointing thin.
best regards
Richard Jung