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Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Yes plenty of subjects still to cover.

More Spanish subjects would be welocome :

Liberation Wars in South America early 19th Century
Armies of Simon Bolivar in plastic would be something 1

Spanish -Morocco conflict early 20th Century

Spanish American war

In addition more WW1 to cover Balkans & Mid East

Balkan Wars 1912-13

Russo-Japanese War

Continued expansion of the WW2 Asia /Pacific range with all the sets already mentioned plus a set of Indian Sikh Infantry in turbans for Malaya/Burma.

And dare I mention Byzantine Empire and Enemies ? I know several of the latter have already been covered but there is still room for more such as Arabs, Vandals and Bulgars.

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

The reason I think Strelets should do this ranges is... because, how should I say... they make figures with character. And with the latest consistency and improvement regarding quality in the sculpting department, be it crisp and proportional detail or dynamic and natural poses, it's clear they would be a good choice. Which doesn't mean, Strelets didn't produce good sets in the past. My only concern is moulding. A lot of detail can get lost, no matter how good the masters can be. Not to mention flash. Well, you never know... will the set you've been really waiting for in the end be a disappointment because of bad moulding (this doesn't directly refer to Strelets).

Well, I can still remember when that long list of announced sets from Caesar came out... although the Russo-Japanese War and Spanish-American War where at the tail of that list, I never thought, that one day I would just give up expecting this to ever see the light of day (actually, I have just given up on Caesar and their compulsive obsession with WW2 Germans). BTW, anyone remember the Mexicans and Pershing Expeditionary forces on the Imex (think it was Imex) future list. As far as I can remember, they even had Mohawk Indians and Roger's rangers on their list. Too bad, they didn't pull those through before leaving for good.

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

I have been looking forward to the Caesar U.S. Spanish American War figures to use in a "Wind and the Lion" scenario. These would go very well up against the Lawrence of Arabia figures that are coming up. Maybe Strelets would consider doing some Moro figures as well.


Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Im up for anything late 19th early 20th century....

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
I agree more Spanish subjects would be great.
More Spanish subjects would be welcome.
¡Definitivamente necesitamos cosas más españoles! How about this:

I'd like some figures like that!
(actually, I have just given up on Caesar and their compulsive obsession with WW2 Germans)
I don't think it's Caesar who are obsessed - they must be selling to someone - they just know what sells. There is a comment further down this page along the lines of "there aren't enough or any good sets of WW2 Germans". Apparently, 200+ sets is not enough. So, I say again, Caesar are just being sensible and providing more ways for certain people to part with their money.

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

I am over he moon about all things Lawrence of Arabia, and very pleased that finally this topic is being done in 1/72. However I would very much like to see some other ranges finished most notably for Strelets/Redbox the Jacobites.

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Now that you mention it, I thoroughly agree we need a completion of the Jacobite Rebellion range. For me the Jacobite sets are Streletz's best and I was also very impressed by their Redbox opponents. An expansion of this range that gives us cavalry and artillery for both sides, with the same level of detail as we see in the infantry sets, and troops in French service would be excellent.
The British Dragoons and artillery played such a significant role at the end of the rebellion that surely they can't be left out.

As I understand it these figures will also serve for the French/Indian War (and a few other conflicts) which was on the OP's list, so there's another reason to make them.

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Querido PDA, tal vez sería de tu interés un rango basado en la época de Blas de Lezo y la guerra de la oreja de Jenkins y otro con las tropas del gran Bernardo de Gá,más tropas Españolas estarían bien;pero no de la triste y abusiva Guerra de Cuba,una guerra que no quería el pueblo español y un desproporcionado abuso imperialista de los EE.UU.
Por otra creo que Caesar viva de mis humildes aportaciones económicas,debemos ser mayoría los que demandamos los mejores soldados que han existido jamás,con todos mis respetos por la maravillosa minoría;pero como dijo Gerard Piqué "no creo que llenéis ni vuestro propio campo"....

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Estimado Spanish Erik, perdonar mi mal español. Estoy de acuerdo con usted acerca de la guerra Americana Española. No me gusta la forma en que tienen un imperio, pero lo llaman nada más que eso. Ellos son imperialistas, pero no lo admitan y se burlan de los tres antiguos imperios; Francés, Español y Británico. Yo siento lo mismo acerca de su Guerra filipino.

Sin embargo, los Americanos son un gran mercado para los soldados de juguete, por lo Strelets podría ser sabio para darles lo que quieren. Y hay muchas guerras en la historia que contienen actos dolorosos y vergonzosos.

que tenga una dia bonita - como ellos dicen

Re: Should be on Strelets radar?

Estimado PDA,realmente aprecio el buen uso que hace usted de mi lengua materna y que tenga la consideración de utilizarla,es usted un caballero.
Pienso que hay más cosas que nos unen que nos separan,pese a nuestros malos encuentros,usted ha utilizado el respeto y la educación y en España,siempre se ha apreciado la bizarría.
Yo ,por mi parte,entierro el hacha de guerra.
Quede claro que no soy anti-USA,tengo familiares de esa nacionalidad y es un país,que en muchos sentidos,admiro y respeto.
Bien,un rango excelente ,sería la guerra de sucesión 1700-1713...los uniformes de todas las potencias de entonces,son maravillosos y es la era del paso del tercio al regimiento...sin más