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Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

Yeppers! I'd go for that. Just would like no Sten or Tommy guns, just Lee Enfields or Mausers; WW1 guns.

Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

Dear Graham,

if memory serves us right, Red Box have released such set (Gangsters).
Best regards,


Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

Thanks for your reply Strelets (part of what makes you such a great company). I have Redbox gangsters and Boxer rebellion civilians. As other people have said there are odd figures and sets that can be used but often they are not quite right for the interwar period both in clothing and armament. A later poster pointed out the problem of sten guns and with your own partisans there is the problem with Schmeissers and PPSH41s. Rifles (Mausers and Lee Enfields), Lewis guns, shotguns, BARs and Tommy guns with cylinder mags would improve the armament situation. Trench coats, trilby hats and flat caps, 30s cut suits and trousers and female clothing would give a better period feel.

I must admit that I'm really regretting not buying your dismounted Boers when they were easily available as they are like gold dust now.

Even if you don't want to take up my suggestion, I still think you are one of the best companies around. Wonderfully innovative and always striving to improve quality.

Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

I would also buy another such set. Civilians are always welcome.

Pulp civilians would be better, though:

I really, really wish GOOD plastic pulp figures:
- civilians (doubling as civilians in WW2)
- gansters and mobsters, US/Europe.
- Tong/Asiatic/Yakuza gangsters
- US policemen
- civilian/nazi zombies
- hooded cultists, also sacrificing
- and … pulp heroes sets (can be overpriced) : brave adventurers/anthropologist/archeologist, elder professor, their loyal native friend, The Great White Hunter Jumanji style (cork helmet and elephant rifle), evil aristocrat (top hat&tails, tuxedo/white tie), detective, reporter with flash camera, damsel in distress (chained to chair), damsel before sacrifice, shaman/witchdoctor during sacrifice, masked Shadowlike avenger with rapier and revolver, crazy scientist. Extra point for extra heads in top hats, fedoras, fez, turban, African mask and cork helmet to let some conversion.
Maybe even robot servants, trained chimpanzee, Frankenstein's monster, Predator etc. (There is enough ghosts, Yetis/Saskwatch, vampires and gorrillas already).

Here is my pulp list:

Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

Caesar Partisans.... though you may have to change some of the weapons

Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

They tend to be ones or twos in sets including RB Boxer Civilian volunteers, Pegasus Germans in Berlin 1945, Zvezda Soviet militia, Caesar Underground resisters(sic) and Strelets partisans to add to the others mentioned. CP models also do CP and TQD branded 20mm white metal partisans, civilians etc. I don't know how difficult it would be to obtain the plastic sets as they linger for years or vanish overnight. Actually I wouldn't mind some unarmed gawpers of the 1920s/30s as most civil wars consist of civilians who come out to see what the fuss is about or cower in doorways or try to get food and water. Most unarmed civilian model figures are intended for model railways so the poses tend to be geared to waiting for the train or generally very static and devoid of peril.
BTW the IRA in Dublin in 1916 were uniformed. The later flying columns had bandoliers and Sam Browne belts, gabardine macs/trench coats, gaiters and some had the "Australian" (actually based on the Boers) hat. Most commandants had some of the original uniform or looked a bit more formal. So not a uniform by any measure but the appearance of a battalion (especially rural ones) had some uniformity.


Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

Hi Michael

I guess from your name the Anglo-Irish War is probably a conflict close to your heart. Yes I do appreciate that there was a distinctive look to the men of the hillsides and a distinctive IRA uniform in appropriate green. My suggestion wouldn't be for the purists I agree but to give a flavour of interbellum guerillas. Of course if Strelets want to do a set complete with Michael Collins in the uniform of the Republic and Mr.De Valera, then they would be very welcome to do so from my point of view.

Re: Armed civilians suitable for interbellum rebellions or VBCW

The Troubles would not be complete without British Black and Tans and Irish Police Auxiliaries.