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Re: Lawrence of Arabia

I'd like to see Dismounted or Foot Arabs in Traditional Arabian clothing from Head to Toe, but wearing Bandoliers or Braces, standing shooting, charging on foot, attacking with their sabres in hand to hand fighting similar to the following scene (past the add):

I've got plenty of Camels from Airfix for charging or standing still and HaT Camels sitting on the ground to use as cover that could be used.

Re: Lawrence of Arabia

David, I think there is room for many more sets in this range, both irregulars and regulars for both sides. We tend to think of Arab irregulars , Turks and Brits, but there are French troops, Italian, Egyptian,and many others from the greater Arabia area. So the potential for a range is quite expansive. It has unusually for WW1 the romance of the desert and lots of colour for painters,I could come up with a dozen requests for sets, all of them would be a first for the hobby and all would be a part of the jig saw that is the Arab revolt.