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Re: please, cover the holes.

spanish erik
.... Many of the German sets are outdated or lack of interest or bad not so many (I only own four or five diferent ones)and there are things so racist,so violent,so inhuman as nazis,what about imperialism,colonialism,comunism...macho,

Erik, there have been many, many, MANY recent WW2 German sets with great sculpting - Fuhrer, sorry, Caesar Miniatures being just one example. The problem many people have is not how "nasty" the subject is - political, imperialist, colonial, religious extremist, terrorist etc - but the fact that the same subject is made again and again and AGAIN ad infinitum...and it is really amusing to see those gullible enough to waste their money on them. The Emperor's New Clothes!

Just to prove it's not about politics, I propose the following original ideas for new sets; Spanish Civil War Carlist Requettes and Falangist Militia. What do you think?

Re: please, cover the holes.