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Re: Sil vous plais - A Really Good Set of WWII Brits in Helmets Hitting the Beaches of Normandy

While totally agreeing with your arguement I would suggest that British 1939-41 - the bit of the European WW2 that most figures and avf manufacturers have ignored - need considering. This period when the Germans and Soviets worked closely to carve up Europe between them seems to be white washed out history!

More importantly there are no early Ww2 British available of this period except the Russian mini sets!

"My honest feeling is, there is no such thing as an Ordinary Brit Soldier. Throughout history, these fine personalities have risen to challenges the times required of them. Much of our world's values today are owed to the Ordinary Tommy (is this an appropriate Nick-Name?). With this thought in mind ..."

Nice comment although most countries have common soldiers they can be proud of. Pity that history is mainly written by the officers! I was walking in the Black Forest a long time ago when this elderly German gentleman called me a "tommy" - I considered it a compliment!