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Re: Lawrence of Arabia

I would think these will be usefull figures for north african senarios, however what is needed is a less hollywood approach eg dismounted combatants are more usual, "uniformed" Sherifan regulars mounted and infantry, these would also work as Arabs in the turkish army and of course camel mounted irregulars some with two men on board master and servant who would dismount for battle...

for a big box set an individual vignet with an irregular coffee break group would be a nice touch....

Most rifles would be older forms of european firearms such as the Martini Metford/Enfield or possibly the japanese Arisaki, curiously airfix included it in their set of Arabs...

And two characters of lewis and Stokes (I forget their real names)nicked named after the weapons of their speciality, these two guys gave the specialist training to the Arab army so could be in a commanding position